A ridiculous coincidence….pick Arkansas Little-Rock

The Arkansas Little-Rock bandwagon is filling up slowly but surely and I will gladly take the wheel. This mainly started as a disrespect pick towards Purdue(due to some fans I know),  yet since I have started researching the Trojans I have found concrete, pure basketball evidence making me lean their way with full 100% confidence. However, that is not what this article pertains to,as  I am also a guy who believes coincidences don’t just happen.

During the Sun Belt title game last weekend Little Rock head coach Chris Beard was infuriated with his team at half time. So much so he decided to take his anger out on the whiteboard that was back-dropped by a brick wall. Ultimately, Beard’s team would go out in the second half to finish off Louisiana-Monroe and earn the schools 5th tournament appearance. Beard may have suffered the most in the win as his little half time show resulted in a Broken hand.

Now this has almost nothing to do with what happens on the court, or does it? Last year one of the most prominent upsets of the first round was pulled off by Georgia State. At the time Georgia State head coach Ron Hunter was dealing with an injury that also happened the weekend prior in the Sun Belt Championship game. Hunter tore his Achilles while celebrating Georgia States win and ultimately fell of his scooter a week later as his 14 Seed Panthers knocked off the 3 seed Baylor Bears.

Now this could be a little far fetched, but it is a little bizarre both coaches from the same conference injure themselves in the same game just before they get ready to shock the nation. This just screams “March Story line” you got to love a team with a good story in March(No team has ever lost in the first round while their coach has a cast on). Like Hunter, Beard will be headed into the first round match up with a cast on, history will be on his side.

Who says injuries can’t help a team?



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