Obama Unveils 2016 Bracket

Bad news if you’ve got Kansas winning it all.

As he’s done every year, the leader of the free world went through the bracket with Andy Katz, one last time before leaving office. Will it continue with a Drumpf presidency? One can only hope! (“Roy Williams past his prime. Couldn’t even get Jayson Tatum! Low energy. Sad.”)

Obama took Kansas to win the championship, and admitted he doesn’t pick a lot of upsets (although he’s got Hawaii in the 1st round) because, well, he’s got terrorists, the economy, jobs, supreme court justices, and aliens to worry about.

The President picked right his first year in office, but hasn’t gotten the National Champ right since then. So, once again, bad news if you’ve got Kansas. Check out his whole bracket below (which he hasn’t yet entered into the CrossoverReport challenge group on ESPN: http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2016/en/group?groupID=1090027)

obama bracket.png


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