Drake Didn’t Cause a 5 Second Call Vs. Bulls

It’s been 48 hours, and I’m sick of this story line.

Drake’s on his way to being a hip hop mogul. He’s ’07-’08 Lil’ Wayne, where everything he touches turns to gold. But we’ve got to stop acting like he’s a member of the Raptors.

This whole thing came about after Justin Holiday of the Bulls was in-bounding the ball at a crucial point in the 4th quarter of the Bulls-Raptors game on Monday. Drake’s right behind him. The whole stadium’s screaming. Holiday can’t get it in, because the Bulls are booty and the Raptors are playing like they could hang with Cleveland (and maybe GSW).

Within 10 seconds after, the story starts breaking that “Drake forced a 5 second call oh my goodness”. False. Bleacher Report knows that crap gets page views, and that’s why they throw it out there. There’s tens of thousands of fans screaming in a crucial moment, in one of the loudest arenas in the NBA, and you think one person (who has a very soft and girly voice) was more important than the defense the Raptors played? There are entire Twitter accounts dedicated to how soft he is fam.

We can be done with Drake in the NBA now.


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