Thank God We’re Done With Monmouth

Monmouth’s snub became a trending topic within minutes of the bracket being finalized (an hour after the bracket was leaked online).

We should be in the roads celebrating their absence, not lamenting it.

To their credit, Monmouth played 23 road games this year, something that’s usually smiled upon by the committee. Toss some wins against Georgetown, USC, UCLA, and Notre Dame. All of that could’ve got them in, but as my esteemed colleague Nick Damiani pointed out, they lost the damn Metro Atlantic, which sounds like a conference for paper salesmen (and saleswomen, we usually don’t discriminate).

ESPN’s chub went away simultaneously, as they couldn’t fulfill their desires of showing 20 minutes of the Monmouth bench any more.

It was fun at first, when it was a grassroots movement and it was Monmouth people enjoying it. But then everyone picked it up, and they took it way too far. Anyone who’s ever played a competitive sport knows one of the worst things is when dudes that cannot play try to talk or celebrate excessively. These Monmouth kids are the same ones that would sit on the end of the bench, but put up Instagram pictures with the caption, “100% reason to remember the name”.

If you’re not in the game, you don’t have the right to gloat to that extreme. I’m fine with arrogance when you can back it up. If Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were doing patty cake after big threes, I’d hate it and write a blog about suspending them, but I’d understand they have the right to do it until someone shut them up. Nobody should have to shut you up if you’re averaging 0.8 minutes per game on a team in the Metro Atlantic, because you shouldn’t be talking.


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