Ben Simmons Signs with the OG Ali Express

LSU’s season’s officially over, and Ben Simmons’ professional career has officially begun. First things first, get an agent. And who better for the next Lebron than Lebron’s agent, Rich Paul.

Rich Paul’s a product of Lebron. Not to say that he wouldn’t be successful without him, but Paul joins Mike Miller, James Jones, Erik Spoelstra, and Brian Windhorst as a group that’s greatly indebted to Lebron, who discovered them (making him the Dr. Dre of basketball).

What intrigues me the most about Rich Paul is his start. Buying retro jerseys for cheap, and then flipping them out of the trunk of his car, he’s the original Ali Express. Think about that. There was a time when you couldn’t easily get a retro Larry Bird Indiana State jersey for $15. You had to go to Rich Paul, hanging out in the Akron airport parking lot. Life goals man, life goals.

From there, Paul joined Bron’s inner circle, became his agent, and then the two started a joint firm together in 2012, signing Tristan Thompson and John Wall among others. And now Ben Simmons, a continuously enigmatic 18 year old. The OG Ali Express (Trademark that) has his hardest work cut out for him. But maybe his most profitable: Simmons is set to sign, at the least, an 8 figure shoe deal.


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