Matt Barnes Would Beat Derek Fisher’s Ass

When did Derek Fisher become Christiano Ronaldo?

BlackSportsOnline (yes, that’s a real website) ran the story a month ago about Derek Fisher laying wood around the league’s girlfriends. This whole Matt Barnes thing is intriguing, but Derek Fisher was involved with Tim Hardaway Jr.’s girl, and Cleanthony Early’s! They played for him! They never mentioned that in the criticism of hiring young coaches. Safe to say Pop never hit on Eva Longoria.

Beside the point. If that makes the Big Fish (maybe little fish, ask Tim Hardaway’s girl) happy, good for him. It’s beside the point.

After saying nothing about the fight between him and Matt Barnes, Derek broke the silence, saying in paraphrase that Matt Barnes swung at him first, and nobody fought back, partly because Matt’s kids were around. Further, Fish says he wasn’t dating Barnes’s girl in private, and that her and Matt had no plans of reconnecting.

Now people want to talk about how the actual fight would shake out. We’re reaching out to both sides to try and arrange something in the postseason. But it will fall on deaf ears. Matt Barnes would eviscerate Derek Fisher. I’m talking serious medical issues. Shattered pituitary gland, severed corpus callosum, broken face. Real ass medical injuries. Don’t do it Fish. But if you do, let us know first and we can set it up.



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