Nate Robinson Heading to NFL

This NFL offseason’s been more lit than in recent years, and it just got innumerably better.

An insanely unique and dynamic NBA player, Nate Robinson hasn’t found a long term home the last 3 years in the league. So he’s saying screw it, and beginning training to play cornerback in the NFL, announced via Youtube today.

Robinson played cornerback in college, and initially enrolled at University of Washington on a football, not basketball, scholarship. He started half the season his freshman year there, including a bowl game, tallying 34 tackles and 2 picks, before dropping football for basketball.

At 31, he can still leap and speed, although obviously less than in years before. 5’9″ is becoming short for cornerbacks, but Nate’s jumping makes it feasible he could cover a 6’2″ guy on fades. Nate has talked about playing in the NFL in the past, especially during the NBA lockout. And it runs in the family: his father was drafted by the Bills and played one season with the Eagles.

Likely? Not at all. Nobody’s ever gone pro in basketball and football before. But Nate sees that his time in the NBA has wrapped up. Teams aren’t lining up for his services as a backup point guard anymore. There’s no reason to stretch for something that’s just not there any more. Much respect for someone starting a new chapter in their life, when everyone thinks they should retire instead.



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