NFL Spends More on DeflateGate than Concussion Research

Tom Brady and Goodell are back in court this week. Over oxygen. If you’ve lost where we are in DeflateGate, this is currently the NFL’s appeal of the court’s decision in favor of Tom Brady’s appeal of the NFL’s original decision to suspend him.

None of you read that, and I honestly couldn’t give a damn because that’s not what’s important here.

In an attempt to shame Tom Brady, act tough, and seem like an unbiased organization, the NFL has gone to extreme lengths to suspend Tom Brady for what happened more than a year ago, over some air in a ball in a game that the Patriots held the Colts to 7 points.

Over this course of time, the NFL will in total use $20 million in lawyer fees, with the attorneys charging over $1000 an hour. The NFL’s absolutely got that money. Forbes is estimating that the NFL will bring in $7 billion per year from TV alone. Roger Goodell himself has said that their goal is $25 billion per year in revenue within the next couple of years.


We live in America, and they’re free to make money. But think about this. When the NFL settled with 4,500 former players that sued them over lack of information and protection from concussions for $765 million, a monstrous figure, but relatively little, went to the players, only $170,000 per player, some of whom may die before they see 60.

Of that money, $10 million went to research. $10 million would be a great donation for any charity. But when you have a company bringing in billions of dollars each year, while ignoring and disrespecting the families of players who will be without their loved ones for the years to come because of the misguided policies of the league, $10 million’s chump change.

Then the figures come out on the NFL paying double what they said aside in research for lawyers fees. He found $20 mil for lawyers to argue about oxygen molecules, but only $10 mil for human lives. Goodell’s an absolute clown. Can’t disrespect the business smarts. But what an absolute jackass. Charge him with murder for misguiding the NFL players, fry him, and let him burn in Hell.


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