Lebron’s Not Leaving Cleveland, Relax

A lot of times had a multi-day break this week, which leads the Twitter heads with nothing to do but dissect tweets. And on the other side, it leads to players tweeting too much.

Cleveland fans ESPECIALLY were deep in their feels. Because there’s nothing to do in Cleveland in the winter. As Joakim Noah put it, “you never hear about people going to Cleveland for vacation”.

Lebron spent the days off in Miami (because even he knows Cleveland’s the armpit of the Midwest), working out with D-Wade and Lebron’s Miami trainer. Shit didn’t hit the ceiling, it hit the Ozone. Cavs fans were on that with Lebron from that, so he made the smart decision by tweeting out cryptic tweets and removing #TheLand from his bio (his nickname for Cleveland).

What’re we doing here Bron. He’s not stupid enough to think people wouldn’t take this and run with it. Is he saying coming back to Cleveland was a mistake? Well yeah, it probably was from a basketball stand point. But to get that respect back from his hometown, he had to. He has to win a title in Cleveland to get the respect he wants from NBA fans.

Lebron’s not leaving Cleveland. He’s too smart of a businessman for that. Going to Miami would be business suicide. What he needs to do is delete his Twitter. Remember in 2012-2013 when Lebron deleted his Twitter in the offseason through the NBA Finals of the next year? That was one of the best seasons in NBA history. No distractions. Just basketball. Not getting in your feels about missing your Miami friends. Not blowing Steph Curry. Just basketball.

But Lebron tweeted again today. I’ll leave you with it to digest. If there were ONE thing that would point to the tiniest of tiny chances that he leaves, it’s this one:


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