Lakers Ruin Kobe Bobblehead Night

Among all the farewell gifts for Kobe, there hasn’t been much given to the Lakers fans. They surely haven’t gotten to see good basketball (even Deangelo Russell went coocoo last night), and they haven’t gotten to see vintage Kobe.

The Lakers organization knew this, and wanted to give fans something to remember Kobe by, with Kobe bobblehead night.

And just like they’ve screwed everything else up the past 2 seasons, they managed to ruin this as well:

kobe bobblehead


It looks like David Aldridge from TNT if we’re being honest:


Kobe’s never even had a mustache before. Why’s he in a suit? Why’s he holding up the number 8?

I can’t tell if they’re going for draft night Kobe, or jersey retirement Kobe. Either way it’s a disgrace to bobbleheads worldwide.



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