Joey Bosa Hates Black People, Yard Work, and Parents

Baffling how guys going into the NFL and NBA don’t give 13 year olds $30 to go back and delete all of their tweets before the combines. I’ll do it for $20, send all inquiries to

This year’s victim is Joey Bosa. Who kinda looks like the guy at the gym that puts vaseline on his nipples before working out, and eats protein powder straight. Somebody found the time to go back in Joey’s timeline for some dirt, and goodness it’s hilarious:

The best one’s in small print on the bottom left: “Needa bust a nut #justsayin”.

Throwing in a #justsayin has NEVER been put after something that should be on the internet. It’s used solely by white people justifying racism, and in this case horny college or high schoolers.

Bosa responded to see all of these retweets by tweeting (and then deleting, but screenshotted them) this rant:

bosa 6


It’s accurate that he can retire at 35 with a bunch of money. But most people would rather live to 90 with student loan than die at 50.

Honestly, the response doesn’t anger me. Let us out of shape bloggers know that you’re famous and important, and we’re not. But don’t delete the tweets. Low energy move.


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