Jimmer Update #3

Whatever happened to giving a guy a chance?

The Knicks are off the rails. They’ve got the 3rd worst record in the Eastern conference, Carmelo’s feuding with Amare Stoudamire, which is such a 2012 sentence, and Phil Jackson’s tweeting about how Steph Curry reminds him of some shmuck (which, I must say, was a keen observation).

Within that darkness, there’s one gleaming light. The Latter-Day launcher himself, Jimmer, at the end of the bench. “Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play,” he exclaims. “Nobody tell Kurt what do”, says Rambis in reply.

He’s gotten two minutes of action over his 10 day contract, which ends on Thursday. The Knicks only game between now and then is Tuesday night versus Portland, meaning it’s the Mormon Missile’s final chance to prove his worth to the roster.

There’s no way the Knicks can judge to keep him or not without seeing him in-game. Practice is important blah blah. But in game’s what matters. Dwight Howard often shoots around 80% from the free throw line in practice, but can’t throw a ball in the ocean in-game. The opposite could certainly be true too.

Cleanthony Early’s supposed to come back soon, after being shot in the leg in December. He would undoubtedly take Jimmer’s spot, and maybe rightfully so. What a waste of time and resources it would be to let a guy with an extremely unique skill set go without a proper chance.


ESPECIALLY in an era where the media has announced Steph Curry (deep breaths, Paul) as the best player of all time. His and Hers said this week that they’d rather have Steph Curry shoot the last shot than Michael ducking Jordan. But I digress.

In this era where you can jack up 30 footers and people won’t say anything about it. Let’s not forget that Jimmer was Steph Curry in college. That the two had extremely similar stats, not even to mention Jimmer played against better competition out west than Davidson did in the “Southern Conference”.

Basketball’s the unique sport where there are things that transfer across levels of a sport. If you can shoot from 30 feet in college, you can shoot from 30 feet in the pros. You simply cannot sit there and tell me that if Jimmer and Steph switched where they were drafted, that their careers wouldn’t be very much switched too.

But that’s another story for another day. What I want to send across is that Jimmer can still play. Don’t take the fact he’s been in terrible situations, and use that to tear down his skill set. There’s a spot for Jimmer in this league. But somebody has to let him be Jimmer.


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