POSTGAME REACTION: Warriors vs. Thunder

Just so we’re clear, I tuned in with 0.7 seconds left in the game, so I can only talk about what I saw on Twitter up until then.

And from what I saw, the game was everything I dreamed of. Steph Curry heading to the locker room. Draymond Green yelling at his teammates, probably shedding a few tears. But then, I had to ruin it all by tuning in.

Somehow, some way, Andre Iguodala pulls 2 free throws out of his rear to tie the game up. And then in what was one of our first notions that maybe the Thunder should’ve kept Scott Brooks, OKC goes to a hook shot 3 from KD to try and win it in regulation.

When it went to overtime, I told myself the Thunder had no chance. Golden State thrives off this, and they love to be the underdogs, and for people to see them as the underdogs. Even though they’re never the underdogs. Dion Waiters and Kyle Singler played obscene amount of OT minutes, meaning anything more than 1 minute. Westbrook gladly switched off of Curry every play of OT, letting Singler get picked apart. As @realDonaldTrump would say “Sad.”

Once KD fouled out, there really was no chance. You just knew this was going to happen:

Curry went on to dancing and shimmying and whatnot after (and still wonders why people don’t like him and that ugly goatee (hold it together, Paul, come on now)). It was my worst nightmare. When I close my eyes tonight, I’ll see Steph and Draymond smiling and high-fiving each other.

And after all that, the whole league decided that it was time to get on their knees and (among other things) hand Golden State the trophy:

Remind me not to go on any sports blogs, Twitter, or watch Sportscenter for the next week until something else takes over airwaves. Even though that’ll likely be another Steph Curry game winner


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