Life After the League: Delonte West (UPDATE)

There was hope that the barefoot and drunk Delonte West outside of the Jack in the Box was a one off thing. But it wasn’t and we’re left now with even more disheartening videos and pictures.

Below, Delonte West sits in the stands of a youth basketball game, in which he has 0 connection to either side, and drunkenly yells at the kids:

The Daily Mail also released pictures of Delonte’s home in Maryland, that they report is in risk of being foreclosed, with Delonte over $150,000 in debt.

The once luxurious property now looks scruffy and neglected and junk is piled up in the yard  - the basketball hoop is a sad reminder of the former NBA star's glory daysAmong the junk littered on the law, long-neglected basketballs

And last but not least, this Snapchat video from a fan:

As we said in the previous article, in the past this would be funny as hell. Any NBA player being “off the shits”, dancing like MC Hammer in a strip mall and then getting drunk and yelling at youth basketball kids sounds like an episode of Sunny in Philadelphia.

But we know where this is going, and it’s hard to know how to stop it. Especially when Delonte’s brother Dmitri comes out and says “He is in a great place. He’s safe and doing ok”, leaving all of us:


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