Grayson Allen’s Trippin’, Actually

Excuse the whiteness of the title. Let’s move past that. You should probably hate Grayson Allen to begin with, because he plays at Duke. But if you needed another reason, he gave it to you a couple weeks ago:

He got a Flagrant 1, but didn’t get suspended. Absurd from the ACC, NCAA, and Duke. That’s one thing I’ve never understand about Duke. They try to have this image of a clean cut athletic program, but then their players go on the court and do things like this, more often than once.

Actually, more than once this season, as Grayson Allen did again:

Suspend him for the whole ACC tournament. There’s no program anywhere else in the country that the NCAA would overlook this. Overlook that it’s Coach K. Overlook that Duke’s won a literal crap-ton of championships. Grayson Allen’s a dirty player, and he thinks what he’s doing is okay. Are we waiting for him to break someones leg, or crack their neck?


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