Pacquiao Jacks Warriors Unis

When he’s not talking about burning gay people or feeding them to animals, Manny Pacquiao’s a basketball fanatic. So much, that he bought his own team in the Phillipines, and put himself on the roster. Pacquiao’s also some form of politician there, and will probably be president in years to come. We’re maybe a decade away from him declaring himself God.

He’s not good, we can start there. He’s got the form of Carlos Boozer, with the jumper of Deandre Jordan. Plus he’s 5’4″, so he’s battling gravity to begin with.

What’s become the best story out of the Phillipines in decades are the uniforms that Pacquiao’s team rocks nowadays. Pictured below, they were made straight out of photoshop.


The resemblance to the Warriors unis are classic. Same colors, same font and same circle in the center. But look closer, and you’ll see the best part: the team logo is Pacquiao’s face. It looks like a Jordan crying meme, how subtly he squeezes his face in, and you don’t notice it at first.

Pacquiao was the 11th overall pick in the 2014 PBA Draft, going to the Kia Sorento team. That’s their actual team name. If you want a great laugh, run through the names of the PBA teams, and their D-League teams. It’s something straight out of Idiocracy.

“Junior Powerade Tigers”

“Jumbo Plastic Linoleum Giants”

“Big Chill Super Chargers”


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