Let Steph Eat Hardwood

Steve Kerr came out today after practice and said:

I think Steph has the respect of his opponents. I think they understand he’s not trying to show anyone up. He’s celebrating his own success and our team’s success.

Wait to be a straight shooter Steve. This is the part of the dialogue and impression of Steph Curry that drives me through the roof. We’re all supposed to believe he’s this innocent kid, who just loves the game of basketball and has never had an impure thought in his life. You don’t shimmy up the court because you’re excited about your “team’s success”. Do MLB guys flip their bats because they’re happy their team’s playing well? Aaron Rodgers is doing the belt shtick because he’s celebrating the team’s success?

Of course not, it’s showing off and letting everyone know how good you are. There’s nothing blatantly wrong with it. If a guy can’t guard you, but he thinks he can, then once you cross him and hit the J in his face, shimmy yourself all 90 feet down the court.

But don’t be surprised when people say they’re going to put your face in the floor. If someone’s showboating in your face, and you know you can’t hang with them, I have no issue with getting physical with them. Just like throwing at a guy that flips his bat in baseball, you know what you’re getting yourself into with on court celebrations.

Stop giving treating Steph like he doesn’t have a bad or arrogant bone in his body. Don’t treat him like he’s invincible. Someone, please, make him eat wood.


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