Kanye Doesn’t Know the Facts

You heard it on G.O.O.D. Friday, The Life of Pablo, and CrossTalk. Kanye’s “Facts” song has lines about Adidas “jumping over jumpman”, with James Harden and Nick Young “running up the budget”.

Lyrics go on to say that if “Nike didn’t have Drizzy, they wouldn’t have nothin’”. I can promise you that 95% of people didn’t even know that Drake was on the Nike payroll.

When it comes to the numbers, and the facts, there’s nobody in the sports apparel business that can even hold a candle to Nike. In 2015, Nike did $30.2 billion in sales, while Adidas did $19 billion. That’s a lot for both sides, but Nike’s still head and shoulders ahead.

Nike doesn’t dominate every sport. Adidas is huge among tennis and soccer, UnderArmour’s cleats for baseball and football are dominant (and they’ve got Cam Newton, Bryce Harper, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Andy Murray under contract). Even Russell still holds a presence in uniforms. None of them, however, can touch how Nike dips their feet in every sport, and to people who don’t even play sports.

In Kanye’s specifics, which are mainly basketball, Nike remains and will remain at the top of the totem pole. James Harden’s and Swaggy P aren’t going to close the $10 billion gap (Kanye should have said Damian Lillard instead). Nike has Lebron freaking James, Kevin freaking Durant, and the Black freaking Mamba. Those are just three of the huge list of basketball players that rock Nike.

Millzy makes a great point in CrossTalk: the price of Nike’s stuff could come back to haunt them. One outfit from Nike could easily cost you $1000. EASILY. $350 pair of Lebron’s, $200 pair of “Tech Knit Pants”, $125 “Tech Knit Pocket Tee”, $250 “Tech Knit Windrunner”, and a $50 flat brim. All that and you’re knocking on the door of a grand. For some regular clothes, most of which you can get the same quality (without the Nike brand) for at Kohl’s for an eighth of the price. That has to catch up to them eventually.


Watch the rest of the discussion below:


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