Kobe Should Retire Today

Day after an All-Star Game that was exciting for all of 4 minutes. You have to tune into the game knowing that it’s a skills showcase, not the best basketball you’re going to see all year. Watch people dunk and jack up 30 footers, and move past the argument that nobody plays defense.

In that environment, Kobe thrived, much like everyone who plays against the Lakers in real games. There were the video tributes, the moments going one on one with Lebron, hitting his famous turnaround, and paying homage to Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson, sitting courtside, in the pre-game. Let’s not look at the percentages, and just say that Kobe had an old-school Kobe game.

So many great pictures and clips. Lots of former all-stars letting everyone know that Kobe’s one of the best to ever do it, and that he’s won their respect, probably many seasons ago. This feels like the right time. Surrounded by every legend still alive, and all his friends in the NBA, there’s not going to be a moment bigger and more meaningful than this weekend was.

Let’s stop the train here. Why drag Kobe around the second-half of the season with the NBA’s least lovable losers. Retire today Kobe. Don’t strap up those laces one more time. The only exception would be one more game in LA. No more road games. No more montages. No more pre-game ceremonies. End it today, and save yourself, your family, and your team the trouble. Kanye’s already declared there’s no more parties in LA, don’t try and force one.


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