Best NBA Cities: Chicago (1)

Seeing as all of us are from the Chicago area, there’s no way we wouldn’t put ourselves at the top of the list. Still, the Windy City very much deserves this spot.

Homegrown Talent Rating: A

Surprisingly low in number of Hall of Famers, as Isaiah Thomas and George Mikan are the only ones currently inside. But Coach K hails from the land, along with KG, D Wade, Anthony Davis, and D Rose who could all very well join them. Jabari Parker, Eddy Curry, Antoine Walker, Iman Shumpert, Frank Kaminsky, and Patrick Beverley are all from within driving distance of Chicago, and legendary exec Jerry Colangelo was born near our Chicago Heights headquarters (for the sake of the article, that’s our headquarters). Tip of the iceberg to say the least, as I haven’t even touched on the Jahlil Okafors, Evan Turners, and Doc Rivers of the league. The list goes on and on and on and…

Pro Talent Rating: A

Michael. Jordan. What else is there to say? 6 championships and the greatest player of all time gives you a strong A. No further discussion.

Fan Base Rating: A+

This was a much harder A+ rating to give out than any of my others. Because, honestly, I hate Bulls fans. More than most other teams, Bulls fans struggle to give anybody else respect other than Bulls players. They’ve been barking at Lebron for 12 years, and they think year after year they have the upper hand. But the hammer and the nail isn’t a rivalry. BUT. Bulls fans are faithful and dedicated, and come out in the tens of thousands for each game. Past that, basketball’s the lifeblood of Chicago. Go to a high school rivalry basketball game in the city or the suburbs on a Friday night and tickets will be sold out 2 hours ahead of time. Packed into tiny gyms from the 80s or in the United Center for a playoff game, Chicagoans flock for this sport, and live and breathe it. There’s nothing quite like basketball in Chicago. The game’s learned on the playground, or in a driveway. After school, kids flock to the nearest hoop, and ball until the Sun goes down. And then another 2 hours after that. Come for a weekend of basketball in Chicago, and you’ll stay for a lifetime.


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