Blockbuster Trade Alert: Melo and K. Love

While we were busy watching Win Butler dominate and the US team flounder during the NBA All-Star Game, a trade that would shake up the entire NBA was being discussed.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News broke the story, that the Cavs, Knicks, and Celtics are discussing a blockbuster trade involving superstars Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony.

The trade would send Kevin Love to the Celtics, Melo to the Cavs, and Mozgov and picks to the Knicks. Melo still retains the no-trade clause in his contract, and has expressed he hasn’t thought about moving on from New York yet.

But it makes sense. Melo wants a championship, and is one of Lebron’s closest friends in the league. Kevin Love doesn’t fit in Cleveland, but would be perfect in the Celtics lineup, and be the super star the Celtics need to go next level. Cleveland needs another playmaker. And the Knicks need picks, and could nab the coveted Brooklyn pick this year that the Celtics have.

This isn’t just a rumor, as talks seem to be serious and ongoing. The Celtics and Danny Ainge know they need a superstar, and have spent the past week trying to decide if Dwight Howard is worth the risk of their future. If I’m Boston, Kevin Love seems like the better choice. Everywhere Dwight goes becomes a dumpster fire.

For the Knicks, giving up your superstar carries a hefty price tag, and will surely cost you your job if it doesn’t pan out. But Carmelo’s past his prime, and past the point where he can lead them to a championship. Getting a top 3 pick from the Celtics (via Brooklyn) could turn this team around, especially if that pick’s Buddy Hield or Ben Simmons.

Finally, for the Cavs, they need someone they think can fit in right away and elevate them to Golden State’s level. Carmelo’s a high quantity shooter, but remains an elite scorer. Kevin Love, however, is not. Shaking up this core again could take them back to the start of the bonding, but would elevate their chances to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland, a nearly impossible task.


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