Best NBA Cities: Dallas (5)

When I think of Dallas, I think of Tony Romo’s bloody finger and Tim Riggins (not in Dallas, but Texas is all the same, amirite) before I think of Dirk and Mark Cuban. But Dallas’ basketball history’s growing more today than before.

Homegrown talent rating: B-

No Hall of Famers, but more talent now than ever. Chris Bosh and Lamarcus Aldridge headline the group, with CJ Miles, Julius Randle, and Coach Kevin Ollie under the “notable” category. Spud Webb and Grant Hill are the best old-timers from land, but the real star is Kurt Thomas, who lead the league in personal fouls in back to back years, AND was the player of the week for the week ending on March 10, in 2002.

Pro talent rating: B

They’ve got a championship in the last decade or so, got to give them that respect. Dirk’s a living legend, and has one of the three or 4 most unstoppable moves in NBA history (as always, say something at and, I’m bout that life). Not only him, but Steve Nash and Jason Kidd passed through there, and are both top 10 point guards. Mark Cuban’s the best owner in the league, from a purely Shark Tank-based opinion.

Basketball fan rating: A-

One of only 3 teams averaging 20K per game this season (the Warriors aren’t one of them). Can’t say those numbers aren’t the real deal. That’s pretty much all I can tell you about Dallas fans. Pretty weak MavsNation page, which is always a big measure of a fan base, but we’ll let that slide. Only docked them because I doubt the dedication of any fan base in a warm weather climate.


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