Best Basketball Cities: D.C./Baltimore (6)

A little unfair to put two cities together, but D.C.’s only 40 minutes from Baltimore, and D.C.’s kind of a made up town when you think about it. Added up, they make their way to the top 6.

Homegrown Talent Rating: B

Very top heavy class including Hall of Famers Elgin Baylor, Adrian Dantley, and Dave Bing, and future Hall of Famer and savior of the Wizards Kevin Durant, along with Hall of Fame coach John Thompson. Baltimore’s not much to write home about. Sam Cassell and Muggsy Bogues are notable, while Will Barton and Rudy Gay keep them relevant today.

Pro Talent Rating: B

Can guarantee that none of our 8 readers know that the Wizards started as the Chicago Packers in 1961. Considering everyone that played for them while they were either in Baltimore or Washington, Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld, Gus Johnson, and Walt Bellamy (who averaged 32 and 19 in his rookie season) are the cream of the crop. John Wall could be an all-time great Wizard, as long as he doesn’t go down a Gilbert Arenas shoot you in the face mode. MJ, Manute Bol, and Paul Pierce all passed through there. The Washington Generals hurt the rating.

Fan Base Rating: C+

Can’t say I’ve ever met a genuine Wizards fan. Where do they come from? Do people actually live in Washington D.C.? The leader of the free world has to be is a fan of them, which is the only reason they’re grabbing this high of a ranking. Also, UnderArmour’s headquarters in Baltimore is a fact. Not a helpful fact. But a fact nonetheless.


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