David Blatt Out, Tyronn Lue In

From the moment David Blatt came to Cleveland, almost everyone considered him the Lebron’s “puppet”.

Last season, on more than one occasion, Lebron admitted in post-game interviews that he flat out said “no” to whatever David Blatt called in the huddle, changing the play himself.

But last time I checked, the Cavs are the #1 seed in the East, and have improved considerably from a year ago. And a year ago, they were in the NBA Finals. How many more coaches need to have their reputations ruined by Lebron before we start calling him a coach killer?

Blatt wasn’t the greatest coach in the league, but he’s not a bad coach. To take any team to the NBA Finals is a difficult task, even when you have the greatest player in the world. Taking Golden State to 6 games was not an easy task. Managin Lebron, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving was not an easy task.

Tyronn Lue signed a multi-year extension moments after news of Blatt’s firing was released. But will he really be the answer? A guy who was in the league only a few years ago, and also has no head coaching experience? Baffling, to say the least. But the Cavs are not willing to waste any of their King’s last few prime years. Lebron’s been the judge, jury, and executioner for coaches in the past. And he stroke his mallet again today. With authority.


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