Top 5 NBA Prospects: Jaylen Brown (4)


Pros: My pick for Player of the Year hasn’t performed at that level so far this year, but remains in the top 5 because of the flashes he’s shown offensively. Extremely strong and athletic, and will take it coast to coast when need be, finishing with authority. Not fast, but quick, elite first step (think James Harden). Will grab 5-6 boards a game with 16 points his first year in league.  Quick feet and strength means he can guard 1 through 4.

Cons: Doesn’t shoot from deep well. Still depending on some high school attributes (strength) rather than NBA qualities (finesse). Dribbling’s not terrible, but needs improvement. Needs to see the floor better. Gets tunnel vision and ends up 1 on 5 in some instances, even though he often splits them for big slams. Won’t get away with that in NBA.

NBA Comparison: Demar Derozan

Best NBA fit: Phoenix Suns


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